Undyed rims


same rims dyed black
Alright there are a lot of people who have absolutly no idea how to dye nylon and plastic (specificly wheels in this article)
This technique also works with many other plastics that may be on your RC car or Truck don't worry this is a super easy procces
You are going to need:
 1. RIT dye found at almost any store such as walmart or smiths or whatever
 2. A large pot depending on the size of the parts you are dying
 3. something to dye of course
 4. A stove or range
                                                 5. something to stir with that you don't care about if it gets ruined
                                                 6. clothing you do not care about
                                                 7. something to remove the objects from the pot
                                                 8. A hose or sink (preferably not porcelain as the dye will ruin these sinks)
Okay once you have got all that crap you are going to need to fill your pot about 3/4 full with wter and bring it to a boil. once you have this completed pour in your RIT dye powder if you want the color darker and richer put about half the bag of RIT powder per quart. If you want a slightly lighter color pour in about a third of the RIT powder per quart of water. stir until RIT completly desolves. Lower the temp. of your stove (no longer a boil) and then test to see if this is the color you like.
if so put your CLEANED rims/parts into the pot continue to keep them moving and check the color on a regular basis keep them in for about 3-4 min. for a dark, rich color  and keep them in for about 1-2 min. for a lighter color. When done coloring take the rims/parts out of the dye and rinse them. then dry and enjoy your newly colored rims. -please watch the video below for more detailed instructsions- (This video does not belong to me it belongs to the youtube user "UltimateRCNetwork"